Del Mar Real Estate, Only Local Brokerage with In-Community Real Estate Channel

Del Mar Real Estate is proud to announce the Del Mar Real Estate Channel. Located on Channel 101 in homes throughout Del Mar, the channel offers a portfolio of currently for sale properties for individuals to view when visiting, vacationing or renting within Oasis Palmilla, Villas Del Mar and Espiritu.

“It’s imperative that we support our Sellers and get the word out about their listed homes,” said Ron Hatfield, president of Del Mar Development and Del Mar Real Estate. “The community receives more than 20,000 guests per year, with many returning annually and eventually calling Los Cabos ‘home’. We’re pleased to now share with the community and our guests the available real estate within Del Mar, all from the comfort of their home or computer.”

Del Mar Real Estate, the onsite local brokerage located at Club Ninety Six, the One&Only Palmilla and at Villas at La Montaña 707, is the only local Los Cabos brokerage that offers a real estate channel, a distinctive benefit for those within the Los Cabos area who are interested in listing their home.

To view the homes that can be found on the Del Mar Real Estate channel, click here.

C R A I G   B R O U G H T O N
US: 419.345.5690 | MX: 624.122.4647

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