Expansion & Growth within Cabo and Villas Del Mar


Cabo San Lucas was recently sited by both Forbes and Business Insider as the ideal escape for this upcoming winter and nothing could be closer to the truth. With an average two-hour flight time from many direct flight cities, Cabo is booming! Still, the relaxing, calm and meditative qualities that have inspired many to visit the blue-water beaches, combined with an array of water sports, award-winning golf, 5-star dining, unparalleled spas and luxury living continue to beckon visitors from across the world to the southernmost tip of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula.

With so much to offer, like local organic markets and a burgeoning art scene, the small-town atmosphere is what compels return visits to Los Cabos. Likewise, the communities of Villas Del Mar and Espiritu, which boast approximately 250 single-family homes, are home to scores of families who have visited Cabo and fallen in love with the vibrant and growing community.

Read the full article here.

C R A I G   B R O U G H T O N
US: 419.345.5690 | MX: 624.122.4647

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