Baja Queen

Baja Queen

Zipping among the immaculate whitewashed villas at the One & Only Palmilla on the back of a chauffeured golf cart, it’s nearly impossible to notice any lingering negative effects of the category 4 hurricane that threatened Los Cabos and the entire Baja California Sur tourist trade a year and a half earlier.

Instead, there are its 174 ocean-view accommodations, which have been refreshed with colourful textiles but maintain unobstructed views of the dramatic surf and – via a pair of in-room binoculars – grey whales migrating from the Pacific to the Sea of Cortez. There’s Priscilla, a resident African spurred tortoise that arrived around the same time as Hurricane Odile in September 2014 and, obviously knowing a good thing when she saw it, decided to permanently move in to her own open-air villa, where she feasts on heads of iceberg lettuce every afternoon. And there’s the almost 1,000-person-strong army of hotel staff who, already legendary among luxury travelers for their charming disposition and gracious service, seem even more committed to maintaining this Mexican landmark’s status as one of the most stylish resorts around.

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