Worry-Free Living @ Villas Del Mar

Villas Del Mar is operated as a condominium with the Homeowners Association responsible for the upkeep, repair and maintenance of all buildings, landscaping and common areas.  Only the actual interior of the residences and the garages are excluded.  This ownership structure results in the “quality of life and carefree existence’ that exists at Villas Del Mar

The following normal expenses are paid with the Homeowner Association dues:

  • Membership in the Master Association of the Palmilla development, which maintains the entrance, main road arteries and beaches of Palmilla.
  • Building and common area maintenance (exterior painting of buildings, roof repairs, street repairs, etc.
  • Electricity for common areas (streets, landscape lighting, entrance gate, etc.)
  • Street cleaning.
  • Trash pick up.
  • Water for common areas.
  • Casualty insurance for common ares.
  • Beach maintenance.
  • 24 hours security service
  • Hurricane and storm protection of common areas.

Also included in Villas Del Mar’s Homeowners Association dues are certain services normally paid by the individual homeowners such as:

  • Water used in private residence.
  • Pool maintenance.
  • Casualty insurance for residential buildings.
  • Water treatment and purification.
  • Lanscaping maintenance including plant replacement and insect control of residence.

Also included in Villas Del Mar Homeowner Association dues are cost of customized services or trademark offerings for homeowners, exclusively within the Villas Del Mar community.

  • 24-hour security and maintenance service response.
  • Athletic Club – costs associated with the operation of a 24-hour fully equipped workout facility.
  • Medical assistance program, which provides 24-hour bilingual medical assistance and emergency response to your residence.
  • Funding of a comprehensive reserve account that provides for future capital replacement and maintenance of buildings and common areas.

The Villas Del Mar service experience promotes comfort, relaxation and enjoyment while fulfilling the individual wishes of our homeowners and caring for the overall needs of the community.  Thus, the Homeowner Association fees reflect the expectations of our homeowners, as well as the unique vision of the Developer.

Please contact me for more information on this worry-free community.

*All information deemed reliable but not guaranteed or warranted.

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