Villas Del Mar Casita 4

Casita 4, though discreetly placed along the mountainside, sends a powerful message of tranquility and barefoot luxury. Its a place where Mother Nature mixes the backdrop with various color pallets painted throughout the sky, adds a blue ocean with symphonic waves as they crash and roll ashore, tosses in crisp light salty-air breezes and makes … More Villas Del Mar Casita 4

Oceanfront Villa 431

Villas Del Mar 3 bedroom Villa 431 Sitting along a white pristine sandy beach along the shore of the Sea of Cortez is a serene setting ready to embrace you. It’s that special place you’ve been dreaming of, that special get-a-way place. With the various hues of blue from the water and sky, mixed with … More Oceanfront Villa 431

Espiritu Casita 61

Dramatic views for miles are captured from this mountainside home in Espiritu Del Mar. The spacious interior of the home seamlessly expands to the multi-levels of outdoor living, making it perfect for every member of the family to have their own private space. The Seaside pavilion is perfect for entertaining, with its own fireplace and … More Espiritu Casita 61